Entered into glory
August 27, 2016

Fr Jim Marsh Portrait

The Very Reverend James Marsh (Dom Placid) entered into glory on August 27, 2016. Father Jim was pastor of Saint Anne Priory in Spring Hill, Florida. He is survived by his wife, Diane and his children; Michael, Christian, Devin, Lynn and Melissa as well as three grandchildren.

Fr. Jim was born in Brooksville, Florida and lived in Central Florida nearly all of his life. He was born into the Episcopal Church, and it was his habit to serve the church in every possible way.

He was in the air conditioning trade when he was called to enter nursing school. His wife shared that he was strongly driven to be a hospice nurse. He felt that he had a gift for bringing care and comfort to the dying. As part of this vocation, he was a volunteer nurse at an annual summer camp for children who had lost their parents.

Fr. Jim and Diane initially attended the local Episcopal Church, but the Spirit drew their interest toward an independent Catholic Church in Spring Hill. They attended out of curiosity and decided to stay. Fr. Jim took his spirit of service to his new church and became very involved with All Saints, a Parish of the American Catholic Church. After many changes and struggles at All Saints, the parish eventually joined the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA) as Saint Paul the Apostle.

Fr. Jim Standing with other clergyIn the midst of all the changes taking place in this little church, Fr. Jim found himself called to serve in the ministry. In short order, he became ordained and was named pastor of Saint Paul the Apostle where he served for many years. In the course of his service and in his search for inner peace, he was drawn to the Benedictine order. He made his final profession as a Benedictine monk and took the name Placid.

For 12 years, he ministered faithfully to the people of Saint Paul parish. He thought nothing of dropping everything to be at the side of a parishioner at any time day or night. When Saint Paul parish left CACINA,  Fr. Jim formed the CACINA mission of Saint Anne Priory as a tribute to the Mother Anne Stewart, a late priest of CACINA, who was a mentor to Fr. Jim.

Fr. Jim In Red HatThose who knew Fr. Jim share the knowledge that he was a passionate and faithful priest without a deceitful bone in his body. He was a true servant to God and to the people of God. He is missed everyday by those he leaves behind on this earth.

(Memorial by Larry Reidt)