I also say to you that you are Peter, and
upon this rock I will build My church.
Matthew 16-17

Apostolic Succession has been transmitted to CACINA bishops by the laying of hands during episcopal consecrations performed by bishops previously consecrated within the apostolic succession. Episcopal lines are traceable back to the original apostles with early lineage shared with the Roman Catholic Church. Click on the pictures below to view the table of apostolic succession for each bishop.

ron s   

Ronald W. Stephens
Presiding Bishop
Diocesan Bishop of Holy Trinity

 frank b   Francisco J. A. Betancourt, FCR
Vocations Director
Diocesan Bishop of Little Portion
 tony s  

Anthony F. Santore, FCR
Presiding Bishop Emeritus


will e   Willard E. Schultz
Historian, Archivist
Presiding Bishop Emeritus
carl p   Carl G. Purvenas-Smith, OSB
Vicar for Ecumenism
Bishop Theogene HS ADJ   Michael Theogene
Biship GreenPortrait   Anthony Green
Auxilliary Bishop of the Diocese of Little Portion