Left is a woman wearing a blue dress on the right is Mary Foley wearing Catholic vestments The Reverend Doctor Mary Foley was incardinated into the clergy of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America on April 23, 2022.  The service was held in the Bayshore Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida.   Rev. Dr. Mary's discourse during the service was very enriching and the people of God in CACINA are very fortunate to have her among the ranks of its clergy.  Rev. Mary will be serving in the Diocese of San Damiano.  Below you can view a video the incardination service.  

 Three vested Catholic priest with Rev Mary Foley in the center



PrayingAndSharingThe College of Bishops has distributed a statement on the Russain invasion of Ukraine.     See a copy of the letter by clicking this link (College of Bishop's Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine).  You can also view the contents of the letter below:

pastoral message condeming mob violence letter

Head Shot of Father Harry Hartigan

Father Victor DeSantis is celebrating his 61st year as a priest!  Father DeSantis has been a true blessing to Christ's people. He was ordained in the Roman Church in 1960 and joined the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA) in 2015 and has been a integral part of the CACINA clergy ever since. He is the co-pastor of St. John of God Parish in Albany, NY and a part-time chaplain at Ellis Hospital, Ellis Hospital Nursing Residence and Pathways Nursing Home. He is on the staff at the St. Charles Seminary for the training of seminarians in CACINA. The laity, clergy and bishops of CACINA join in congratulating Fr. Victor for achieving this impressive milestone.  


Head Shot of Father Harry Hartigan

Chinnapa Madanu was consecrated as bishop by Bishop Peter Hickman of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion at the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America's (CACINA's) St. Theresa Parish in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Sunday, January 23, 2022.  CACINA bishops Tony Green and Michael Theogene were co-consecrators.

Bishop Madanu was elected as bishop by more than 600 parishioners in India.  Bishop Madanu will serve as Bishop of India, a new independent Catholic jurisdiction.  CACINA expects to enter into an inter-communion agreement with Bishop Madanu and his newly formed jurisdiction at a later date.
We pray for Bishop Madanu and the people of faith in his jurisdiction in India.
group pic of 7 clergy with Madanu in the center dressed in clerical garb

Head Shot of Father Harry Hartigan

Bishop Tony Green has been awarded a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Liberty University after three years of study and research.  Bishop Green’s thesis is entitled “Ethical Decision Making in Nursing Practice: The Impact on Moral Distress.”

Bishop Green said, “I attended Liberty University to show that very different theological ways of thinking and being can collaborate and learn together.  Liberty University’s doctoral program was very rigorous and my progressive scholarly research was honored and supported.  My experience shows that we can disagree but respect one another while we learn.

Congratulations to Bishop Green on this accomplishment.