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Mission of the Community of Saint Francis

Catholic Apostolic Church in North America

Omaha, Nebraska

We are a lay Community that strives to live and serve by way of the following vows derived through the Mirror of Christ, St. Francis of Assisi:

  • detachment from material things
  • responsible sexuality, or celibacy if chosen
  • obedience to the Gospel
  • and for some, a personal promise.

By following St. Francis we are led to a life greater than our own, in love with the social outcast and/or forgotten.  All are welcome in the presence of the Holy Trinity found in one another.


Guardian: Brother Jason McGuire, OSF

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(800) 603-0644, extension 717

(We are associated with the Franciscans of Fort Lauderdale in the Parish of Sts. Francis and Clare.  Follow this link to view their website: Franciscans of Fort Lauderdale.