OmahaFriars2The Community of Saint Francis, located in Omaha, Nebraska, has joined the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America and established a mission there.  This community is a small, lay independent Catholic, Franciscan community whose mission focuses on working in nursing facilities (alongside the Catholic Workers) and prisons, collecting and distributing clothing for the homeless, and visiting shut-ins, to name a few of their activities.   

The brothers in the community endeavor to live and serve by following vows derived through St. Francis of Assisi, the Mirror of Christ.  They strive to detach from material things and have obedience to the Gospel and in so doing are led to a life greater than their own, in love with the social outcast and forgotten.  To find out more, contact Brother Jason at or (800) 603-0644, ext. 717.  You can follow them on Facebook: Omaha Friars