2019 GA Group PhotoThe House of Delegates, representing the lay people and clergy of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America, in collaboration with the College of Bishops met from May 14 to May 17, 2019 for the annual General Assembly.  Each year the representatives of the church meet to conduct business for the national church and to network with others from parishes around the United States.  

This year we had another successful assembly.  Each day began with morning prayers and ended after dinner with evening prayer, and then attendees met for a daily social fellowship time. 

The first day was devoted to a Retreat Day with a special presentation on Liberation Theology.  The second day focused on the business of the church (accepting various reports, electing officers, approving actions by the Executive Committee, and so on). The third day centered on Spiritual Education. 

Representatives commented on how this year's assembly was dynamic and created so many great memories for the participants.   See a video presentation of photos from the General Assembly below.





Craig Wilt, who has been a parishioner of St. Andrew parish since its beginning, has formally become a member of the CACINA clergy.  He completed the required evaluations and interviews, including that of the Vocations Committee, and was incardinated as a priest of CACINA on Sunday, April 21, 2019.  The Wilt family, (Craig, Sue, daughter, Gina, and son, Antonio), has been a pillar of the Warrenton church since its infancy.  Fr. Craig studied in Rome, was previously ordained in the Roman church, completed many years of missionary work, and currently works as a grief coordinator at Hospice.  CACINA is blessed to have him as part of the CACINA clergy.  His experiences and expertise will certainly serve to strengthen our church.



OmahaFriars2The Community of Saint Francis, located in Omaha, Nebraska, has joined the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America and established a mission there.  This community is a small, lay independent Catholic, Franciscan community whose mission focuses on working in nursing facilities (alongside the Catholic Workers) and prisons, collecting and distributing clothing for the homeless, and visiting shut-ins, to name a few of their activities.   

The brothers in the community endeavor to live and serve by following vows derived through St. Francis of Assisi, the Mirror of Christ.  They strive to detach from material things and have obedience to the Gospel and in so doing are led to a life greater than their own, in love with the social outcast and forgotten.  To find out more, contact Brother Jason at brjayosf71@gmail.com or (800) 603-0644, ext. 717.  You can follow them on Facebook: Omaha Friars




On April 6, 2019, Father Al Risdorfer was ordained a priest of CACINA by Bishop Ron Stephens and assisted by Bishop Carl Purvenas-Smith. The ordination was attended by a large gathering of lay parishioners from several parishes, clergy, bishops, family and friends at the Old St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Maryland.  After the ordination, the congregation attended a reception in Fr. Risdorfer's honor at the Grand Baltimore.  CACINA is elated to to have Father Risdofer as a member of its clergy.  His  dedication to the church and his joyous energy will be felt by all he serves. 


See video of the ordination below:




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